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Welcome to Android Apps Advisor

Welcome to Android Apps Advisor. Here we will discuss about Android Phone Apps, Problems, Solutions and Other stuff. If you have any problem in your Android Phone, Feel Free to ask us.

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WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a popular android application can be used in window phones, smartphones or android phones. It is such messaging application that helps you to stay in touch with friends using WhatsApp. This application is world wide popular because of its easy, flexible and great features for android users. WhatsApp uses your 3d and Wi-Fi data plan and charge no cost to transfer text messages, images, videos, audio and many more. WhatsApp messenger is available in play store to download anytime for free of cost. Its size is only 14.57 MB while you will download it and there are multiple In-app Purchases are available for you.  Android Apps Advisor is going to discuss some important features of WhatsApp Messenger that may help the new users to enjoy this adorable application.

No Addit...

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How to Track anyone using WhatsApp?

WhatsApp users are available world wide which are looking for new options and must have a number of queries in mind. WhatsApp has updated with distinctive account settings that enable you to customize WhatsApp in the way you want. Many of you guys may want to track WhatsApp used by your beloved/ partner or anyone. It is easily possible in the WhatsApp to know how much your partner has used whatsapp or sent messages through WhatsApp account. EVEN IF THEY REMOVE THE MESSAGES, YOU CAN FIND OUT THE NUMBER OF MESSAGES SENT AND RECEIVED. There are some very important steps that you can follow to measure network usage of anyone’ on WhatsApp.

Settings > Account > Network Usage

In the network usage, you will see list of options that will describe statistics of WhatsApp uses...

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How to hide my Last Seen on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp users would surely like to enjoy new features and want to add security on the WhatsApp account. I am using WhatsApp messenger from long time since it was new at App Store or Play Store so I am able to suggest you for your all queries that you may have. Many of you may look for how to hide my last seen status on WhatsApp? I have absolute answer for your query that will help you to hide your last seen on WhatsApp and no contacts will see the last time when you use WhatsApp. You can follow some basic steps to hide your last seen status:

Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen

After selecting last seen, you will find three further options to select from. These three options are: Everyone, My contacts and Nobody where you can choose according to your preference.

Everyone: You can sele...

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How to hide my status on WhatsApp?

You may have numbers of queries about maintaining security on WhatsApp. WhatsApp messenger is popular application for android and this app lets the android users to hide their status also. These new features in privacy update this cross-messaging application greatly. Now the question here is how to hide my status on WhatsApp? There is very simple approach to hide your status on WhatsApp if you are new at WhatsApp. You need to follow some basic steps on WhatsApp in order to keep your status hidden as:

Settings > Account  > Privacy > Status

After selecting Status option in privacy, you are able to set visibility of your status on WhatsApp as per own preference. You will get three options here those are: everyone, my contacts and nobody to set the visibility of your status.

Everyone: If you ...

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How to hide my profile photo on WhatsApp?

Many of you may be bothered for how to hide my profile pic from strangers or even friends due to any reason. WhatsApp is world acceptable app so it also facilitates for you to hide your personal stuff specially Profile Pic. It is really an easy process for you to hide your profile pic if you want anytime. You can do this easily by following some steps as below:

Settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo

After selecting profile photo, you will get three choices again which will enable you to hide your profile photo from everyone, only from your contacts and nobody.

Everyone: You can select everyone if you want everyone that has your contact can see your profile photo.

My Contacts: You can choose my contacts if you want only your WhatsApp buddies can see your profile photo.

Nobody: You can...

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How to install WhatsApp on Computer or Laptop?

WhatsApp is such a highly-popular android cross-messaging application is now available on your Computer or Laptop. I have heard a common question from a number of people who are new to use WhatsApp or trying to use WhatsApp on their system. The question is how to install WhatsApp on Computer or Laptop? I am here to refer you best way to install WhatsApp on Computer or Laptop. While searching for WhatsApp, you will surely find some sites that will show a window to download WhatsApp and it is not right way and it will not download your Messenger on System. Yes, you cannot download WhatsApp or cannot run this application since you need to install software on the system first that is “Bluestacks”...

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How to know someone has blocked you on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger is such a great platform to build conversation through chatting over internet or Wi-Fi. The WhatsApp user must have some questions in mind and I am going to discuss those with you. There is one very crucial query that possibly you might have is how to know someone has blocked you on WhatsApp? There are a number of clues can help you to appraise if any of your contact has blocked you that are discussed below.

Last Seen & Online Status

If anyone has blocked you then you cannot see last seen or online status of that contact in the window. It means you cannot see while the contact is online and what is the last time when the contact seen WhatsApp.

Profile Updates

You cannot see the profile updates of that contact which include: profile picture and status if that contact has ...

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How to stop automatic updates in Android apps?

It happens many times that the android applications that you had installed through Google Play Store start its update automatically. Every application brings new updates time to time but some time you don’t want your apps would update automatically. You would surely want your apps will not update automatically without your permission or you can do such updates own self. You don’t need to do extra efforts for this as this issue can be resolved easily while changing some settings in Play Store.

Yes, I’ll advice you simple and strategic way to stop automatic updates in your android apps. You should follow some steps to stop it as below:


  1. Open Google Play Store through your android device where you want to stop automatic updates.
  2. Then you can go in Settings available in the Play S...
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How to make Viber to Viber call?

Viber is such an instant messaging application available on android, iPhone, windows phone and many other devices. The major reason behind higher populous of this cross-platform application is its free calling system around the world. Yes, it is true you can make viber to viber calls with no cost. Many of you may have queries in mind like: how to make viber to viber call, how to make free call through my android phone, how to make free call from my iPhone and etc.

There is very simple answer for your all queries is to install viber through App Store or Play Store on your device. When you have installed such application then you are able to add all the contacts on viber who have installed viber already...

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