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Customize Your Home Screen With Must Have Widgets Apps For Android

The android platform is broadly progressive platform in the world which has higher significance in meanwhile. The android apps have great role to make this platform more progressive and acceptable. Everyone is using android device since the android lets the people to do a lot through small device. Now, it is time to change the home screen of your android phone or tablet with widget apps. These widget apps let you to modify your home screen in the way you want and can make it more useful. You should pick more useful widget and transforms the home screen of phone or tablet into a powerful tool. Due to increased usability of android platform, the android developers have designed a number of android widget apps...

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20 Awesome Android Games to Download and to Play

Android apps and games have revolutionized the android platform and have extended its significance. Meanwhile everyone is running android phone and android let them enjoy complete features of android platform in the form of running android applications. The android games enable the android users to enjoy their android device with these amazing and exciting games. There are 50 best android games to download and to play on Google Play Store that you can enjoy.

1)      Angry Birds

It is amazing android game is popular among the people throughout the world. The app consisting different levels to play that create more craze for the player to play in right manner in order to unlock another levels. Don’t wait more and immediately download it on your android device to enjoy this game.

2) ...

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Top 20 Google Play Store Alternatives For Android World

Google Play Store is official App for android that serves in great way for android platform and offers over billion apps. The Google Play Store is not only option that lets you to download as many apps as you want. Yes, there are several alternative apps are available in the android World to help the android users to get wider user base. Many guys may feel difficulty to download apps from Google App Store whatever the reason and they can go for those alternatives. These Alternative apps drive more installs to your android app and it is less competitive to prefer other app store to market. These alternatives work similar to Google App Store and you can also prefer them to enjoy the features or apps of android.

If you have experienced any issue with Google Play Store or if you hate Google Pl...

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Top 30 Musical Apps for Android to enjoy music

The android is being largest platform meanwhile that brings a lot for android users. The android apps have most important role to extend the significance of this platform. The android apps are meant for communication, entertainment, fun, designing, and many other useful purposes. The Music fans have gradually changed the way to listen music with the evolution of Musical apps. Yes, the android offers extensive range of music apps that let the android users to listen any type of music anytime. These musical apps are designed in the way to help the android users listening music anytime. The Google Play Store has brought wide variety of musical apps that let you to music of any singer of anytime with no hassle...

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How Do I Speed up My Android?

It is very common issue which every android user may have experienced after some days of using android phone that the android phone is getting slow. Most of you may look for how do I speed up my android phone or how to enhance android’s performance. There is nothing to worry if any issue occurs like this as there is no fault in your device if you feel. When your device gets overloaded with android apps or their data then your device don’t respond well on time. You may feel some of your applications are not running well or it takes too much time to respond. You don’t need to do more efforts to speed up your android device as you can do some changes in the settings of your phone and so on.

Many of you may feel that you need to install any app to speed up your device since there are lis...

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Now install Free Calendar Apps for android

Now fix your events for daily through the most sophisticated calendar apps for android. A calendar has important role in our regular life to keep all the events in mind and to be aware with day, month and year. You can modify your calendar or can set your events according to your preference. The calendar app is really beneficial for different users of android that lets you to maintain your own agenda as per your preference. Different free calendar apps for android are available that are suitable to your different needs related calendar. The calendar apps enable to stay organized or to sync your calendar to other devices easily.

Features of Free Calendar Apps for android

  • Scrolling and flexible calendar
  • Two views are available to choose from includes: Graphical view and
    Text view
  • Month, da...
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Increase Battery Life of your device with Android L features

Battery Life is being crucial issues while it comes to choose any smart phone or android device. Android L is latest release of android mobile operating system developed by Google to increase the battery life. The android L has brought a number of new features for the android platform. The new features of android L have revolutionized the android platform and its over-exciting features. The developers having access to Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 can install a preview of this latest version of operating system called Android L.  This operating system has brought range of improvements over Android 4.4 KitKat. It brings new designs, security features and completely new environment to your android device.

The intention behind development of this latest Google’s operating system is to add new feature i...

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Add Customization Features in Your Android Device with 20 Best Free Android Icon Packs

Android users who are fond of add more features to their android device can go for android icon packs now. These android icon packs are developed to give decent look to your android device easily. This application brings special icon packs for you to customize your favorite launcher. To add beauty in your android device is being possible with the customization features in your device. Android is best known for its over-exciting features and customization adds more curiosity for android users.  The android icon packs are available on Google Play Store, App Store and Ovi Store to download or to install anytime.

With these android icon packs, it is easy for you to display your apps in the way you want...

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My Samsung and Sony Phones hang a lot

It is being very common issue among the android users that the android device hangs a lot while running android applications. I have Samsung Galaxy III and Sony Xperia phone which hangs a lot while I run some applications. It occurs many times when the device gets overloaded with data. It is not only an issue with Samsung or Sony phones but most of the people face same type of issue in their android device. Firstly, I watch when I run most of the applications then it takes some time to open the application and my android device is not responding properly. Even sometime the application doesn’t open and showing error then I feel too frustration. I discuss my issue with one of my friend and he gave me completely relevant solution which works over it exactly.

  • You need to reduce the load of ...
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Skype is such a highly prominent application popular for its free voice-over IP instant messaging service worldwide. It is such a great social networking website is available to stay connected with friends around the world. It allows users to text, voice calls or video calls anytime with no additional cost if there is data connection or Wi-Fi available on the device. Basically, it uses P2P technology to connect users on multiple platforms include: desktop, palm computer, mobile or tablet. The Skype is now available in the palm that enables you to stay connected with people with whom you want.  There are about 250 million people are using Skype around the world and you can also download or install it on your device...

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