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How to Recharge Mobile/DTH etc From Android?

Android devices have helped different industries in great way with its ultimate android applications. With the wide variety of android applications, it will be easy for you to enjoy the features of android. The android devices are suitable to different categories and are suitable to different needs. Now, the android has brought Mobile and DTH recharge applications that will help you to recharge your mobile, dish or Tata sky recharge. Having the mobile recharge or DTH recharge applications will help you to recharge your phone or other recharge anytime whenever you want. The applications are really helpful at the place where no source to recharge is available or at the time of mid night if you cannot go anywhere to recharge your mobile...

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Best Antivirus for Android Phone

Android devices are commonly in use that lets the android users to enjoy the all features of android platform. Android has brought a lot for the android users across the world. Unlimited android applications and their features create such a great source for the communication, entertainment and many more for the people. But the excessive data into phone and the installation of new application bring viruses, malware and spyware into your device. The virus and malware in the device causes slow response speed of your device, insecurity to your data available on the device. In order to keep your device away from the viruses you can use antivirus applications.

Best antivirus for android

  • 360 Security-Antivirus Free:- 360 Security is the free security protection and speed booster for android dev...
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How To Buy Gifts Online From Android Phone?

Android device is one of the first choices among the modern generation because of its limitless features to enjoy. Android device doesn’t only supportive for communication or entertainment but it provides great interface for online shopping also. Online shopping is quick, easy and effective way to shop anything. If we talk about buying gifts online from android device then best way is to buy through any online website. For Example –, they provide very good Mobile Interface for shopping gifts online and there products and price is very genuine. It is safe to buy from this website. In case you want to use any app, then there are several applications for online shopping are available today...

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How To Lock WhatsApp On My Android Phone?

The Android is highly sophisticated platform with stunning features has great significance all over the world. It has brought a lot for the android users for their comfort where different applications are usual for different purposes. The android offers full range of applications usual for communication, creativity, security, shopping, and many more. If we talk about the security then android gives a number of options to maintain security on your android device. Different people must have different security requirements. If you want to lock WhatsApp (a popular cross-messaging application) then there are several apps are available to choose from.

WhatsApp Lock Applications:

  • Smart App Lock:- It is smart app lock is available on android to let you to secure your WhatsApp application on the ...
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Best Apps to Speed up Android Phone

Android is such a platform toward which the people across the world are fanatical and all enjoy the features of this platform. If we talk about the android applications then there are countless applications that are available for android users. These applications are handy for different purposes where some are for entertainment and in order side there are different categories of apps according to different needs of people. The android users who are willing to enjoy all the applications through their device may experience some issues regarding slow speed of their device. It is being one of the critical issues which occur when the size of memory gets lower than the data available in your device...

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Top Browsers For Android To Surf Internet

The android is one and only a highly sophisticated platform with its number of features and applications. The major reason behind higher attention of people toward android is its time to time update and a number of applications. These android applications are not interrelated with any specific category since the applications are helpful for variance requirements. Now, the android has brought internet browsers for the android users for surfing purpose with ease. There are popular internet browsers that are available in android applications and we can call them as browser applications for android.

Best Browser Apps for Android

Æ     Firefox Browser:- Firefox is one of the highly preferable internet browsers let you to surf unlimited internet as and when you want...

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Top 5 Games For Android Devices

The android is only a platform which has broad significance across the world and it has brought wide variety of features for the android users. Android is best source serves a number of features for each and every requirement of the users. The android applications are highly popular in these days where some of the applications are usual for communication, entertainment, creativity, security, and many more other categories. If we talk about the entertainment then the android platform offers full range of applications for this solitary purpose where the android games are in the top. Yes, the android games are really interesting, surprising and graphical that enables the android users to download and to play the games any time.

Top 5 games for android

ĭ       Temple Run 2: Temple Run ...

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How to Find Caller’s Information from Phone Number

Many of the phone users may have experienced unknown calls on their phone and they always want to know caller’s information. With the advent of android platform it is being quick and hassle free for you to find caller’s information from phone number. Yes, there are several applications for android are developed with an aim to know who is calling to you. These apps are helpful to know the caller’s identity and to view its image if he has posted for true caller.

Best android apps to find caller’s information via phone number

Í  Truecaller: Truecaller is the best app available for android devices to know who unknown is calling you. You can get detail of the person with just the phone number that is calling you...

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Top 5 Messengers for Android Devices

The android offers a number of messengers to communicate with your friends and family who have installed the same application. There are several messengers or cross-messaging applications are available to choose from. All these messengers let you to send and receive messages fast and quick while having an internet access. Some of the popular messengers are explained below:

Top 5 Messengers for Android

Í      WhatsApp Messenger: WhatsApp Messenger is a popular android application can be used in window phones, smart phones or android phones. It is such a great messenger that helps you to stay in touch with friends using WhatsApp. Once you have downloaded the WhatsApp Messenger, then it will never accept any charges and you can use it as much as you want for free...

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How to transfer Android Apps to the SD card?

The android devices are being common to use among the people throughout the world due to their unique features. The android applications have most important for the android devices which let you to enjoy all the features of your android device. Sometime, you may feel difficulty to run your android device properly or may feel you device complains that it is out of memory. It may occur when installing a new application in the device or may be when downloading any media and related content in the device. There is nothing to worry it just required to manage available space in the device. There are several ways that you could follow to transfer android apps to the SD card in order to manage the available space as per need.

Sometime, by default the applications you install get stored in the phon...

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