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English Speaking Apps for Android

The learners of the English language don’t need to bother since it is time to feel free with android device and its excellent applications. Yes, there are several applications are there to help the language learners and it is being possible due to latest technology. There are plenty of English speaking apps that enable the learners to easily grab the communicative basics of a new language with in some time. You just need to download the English speaking application in your android device and it is best source that will be always with you to learn English. Different English speaking applications are usual for different needs of a learner will surely work for you.

Top 5 English Speaking apps

  • English Test – Grammar:- English Grammar Test apps is best solution for the learner of English ...
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How to share files on Android?

The android device is one of the common devices everyone would like to have. The major reason behind the higher demand of these devices is its wide variety of features. Yes, the android offers plenty of features and apps to meet your all the necessities exactly. Today, sharing is also in android devices which let you to move files wirelessly from one android device to another quickly. It is easy and effective way to send files from one device to another without connecting and USB cable. All these apps will help you to send files even without having internet access. You can share as many files as you want still two devices are connected to the same network.

File Sharing apps on Android

  • SuperBeam | WiFi Direct Share:- Superbeam is the finest application available for android for sharing req...
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How to send Free SMS from Android Phone?

The android is one of the largest platform across the world is contributing in large scale for the communication. Yes, there are wide range of applications are available that makes the communication easier and effective. These communication apps can be categorized into different types such as: chatting apps, messengers or SMS apps. Today, we are going to discuss about eh free SMS or messaging apps. There are several of the text messaging apps that enable you to send as many messages as you want in a day. The applications are really usual for instant messaging purpose and never bind the range of SMS in a day. You can download or install any application or can enjoy the features of free messaging apps.

Top 5 Free SMS Apps for Android

  • SMS Text Messaging SMS Texting:- The application is perf...
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Top 5 Android Apps for Doctors

The android offers wide variety of applications to suit to several needs and android apps for doctors are also part of android applications. These medical apps are helpful for the doctors or healthcare professionals to perform their profession smoothly. There are plenty of android apps for doctors are there to download and to learn about the different sectors of health care. These apps are needed to add functionality for health care providers in at least one of the three ways include: Point of care use, Medical education, and patient education. These android apps will surely help you to be aware of several concepts of medical area whatever their field of expertise is.

Medical Apps for Android

  • Medscape:- Medscape is one of the largely popular medical resources for clinical use by physicia...
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5 Best Dictionary Apps for Android

Android device has great use among the people since the android is the platform that is filled up with inimitable features. The android apps have premium role in the android platform as the applications are usual to meet each individual requirement. The dictionary apps are one of those apps that have important part in our day to day life. It may occur many times in a day when you can’t understand a word whether it is time to read books, communicating, watching TV or anything else. At this time, the android dictionary apps will help you to pounce on the dictionary and know what the meaning of that word is. There are wide variety of dictionary apps are available with the meaning for the words all across the world...

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Cortana Coming to Windows 9 with new face of Search

In San Francisco, Microsoft will disclose windows 9 for the press. Virtual assistant Cortana is one of the major features of this new OS which is potentially poised to be the new face of search. Windows threshold is expected to be named as window 9 when it ships in spring 2015. Basically, the Cortana is the major area of investment for the release of windows 9. Cortana will be fundamental feature among the other features of Windows 9 experience that will formulize your way to use the window.

About Cortana

Cortana is an app that opens up the personal digital assistant where you can then either type in your questions or ask verbally inside a smallish window. It doesn’t provide the full screen view as like in windows phone...

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Android 5.0 L: Detailed Information for Release Date and Its Features

Android is one of the broad platform in these days and it is upgrading its features day by day. The crazy people are waiting for its new update and 5.0 L is that one. A new version of the android operating system has been in working for some time. But it was announced to the public during the keynote speech at June’s Google I/O conference 2014. The android 5.0 will be available in Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 in beginning.

Key Features of Android 5.0 L

  • Material Design:- The Android 5.0 L introduces material designs for their mobile operating system. It includes: all the actions are animated, colorful interface, graphical effects with 3D and so on. Apart from other changes the visual changes have higher significance...
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How to lock Applications on Android Phone?

Android device is one of the common devices all over the world and the people are really curious for its new and adorable features. Basically, the android apps have great role for the android platform which create higher acceptance of android devices. While it comes to security of android device as well as the user data on android device then it will never disappoint you. Yes, there are wide variety of applications for security are available that will help you to lock your device as well as applications with password, pattern or other locks. These app lock applications will enable you to keep your crucial data secrete from intruders and stay calm.

Best Lock Apps on Android

  • App Lock:- App Lock is such a highly preferable and most downloaded application for security works greatly...
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Android One – The New Platform for Android Smartphones

Android One is the latest programme by Google that gives a solution to mobile developers to create high-quality but low-cost Android Smart phones. Google has announced the launch of Android One platform aiming the low-cost android devices. The recently launched android one device only exists in the India, but the company is planning to revolve them out to other countries like: Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka earlier. Basically, the Android One is a list of competitive specifications that will assists any OEM to build smart phone with up to date hardware.

Mainly, all the android one devices will run stock Android and get updates unswerving from Google, even though the vendors can append their own apps if they want...

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Top 5 Educational Games for Android

From entertainment to business needs are satisfied with the android apps and features. Yes, the android apps are usual for variance needs and there are wide range of applications for entertainment are developed. If your children play games on your android phone then it is good opportunity to teach them usual things through educational apps for android. The educational apps are really beneficial for the children to learn while enjoying. The developers of games are focusing on the useful and educational games so that the games can entertain the users and can teach something. Different applications are useful for different things since there are some apps about general knowledge, where some are related to math, and so on...

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