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Huawei Launches Android Driven Smart Watch

There were lot of rumors about the Huawei fitness band and headphones even before the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and nobody paid attention when company launched it. But when the Chinese telecom maker Huawei unveiled its Smart watch driven by android wear technology, it surprised everyone present there. It is the first smart watch by this company. It is a stylish and elegant smart watch and now the company is ready to compete the major player like Samsung, Apple and Motorola who are doing well in the market.  The android wear market is emerging and there is lot of scope for growth that is why many companies are entering in the market.

The company seems to have done lot of research and it can be evident from the product...

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Google’s ARC now runs Android apps on Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux

There is good news for the developer or the non android users. The Google has launched new application the “App Runtime for Chrome,” i.e.. ARC and now it is possible to run android applications on your desktop and window phones. Earlier developers were facing problem when they want to run any android app on desktop. The chrome has earlier come up with ARC in September that allows user to run android on all chrome enabled platform but it was limited to few developers.

The new app ARC welder is unique app that allows user to run android app on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It works based on Native Client (abbreviated “NaCL”) technology. The NaCL technology allows chrome apps and the plug-in to run at the speed of desktop so that it can take the advantage of CPU...

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Whatsapp Users Now Enjoy Free Voice Calling

There is the good news for all the whatsapp users. Your favorite app has now launched the most awaited free calling feature. Now you can chat as well as call your pals using this amazing app. With the latest version of whatsapp it is possible for the android users to call freely.

Whatsapp is known for its instant chat service with more than 700 million users across the globe. This app provides many features like chatting, sending audio video message .The new calling feature will definitely boost the popularity of whatsapp and give benefit to its dedicated users.

Now let us see how you can get start with the Whatsapp calling:

To start calling with whatsapp is not a rocket science, you need to follow some simple step and you are ready to roll.


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