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Whatsapp Is Likely To Ban In UK

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and widely used messaging app in the world. It has now become the must have app for many of us that gives us connectivity with our friends and relatives. The future of this app is in danger in UK and it is soon likely to be banned as indicated by the PM David Cameron. The British government has asked the company to give the information of the encrypted messaged to the British intelligence agencies if they want to avoid ban in the UK.

Presently whatsapp has 800 million monthly users and they all will be disappointed by the new Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) draft which was announced by Home Secretary Theresa May...

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Top 5 Android Apps Of 2015

2015 is the year where we have witnessed many changes in the android world. Many new version of android has been launched this year and so the applications too. These are the top five application of 2015 that attract lot of applaud and downloads form the users.

  1. Photos:

Google photos is launched this year and it is one of the most prominent app where user can store unlimited photo and videos. Photo offers you automatic backup options and you can also edit and share photos on the go. In addition it has many tools that allow you to search and sort the photos easily. It is a must have app for all the people who love to share or preserve the sweet memories of life.

  1. Skype:

 Skype was first launched in 2003 and completely changed the way we communicate...

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Best Android Apps Of 2015

Android is one of widest used platform in the present smart phone market and it is expanding rapidly. Many companies which were once dedicated for windows and other platforms have now changed their strategy. The growing demands of android phones have forced these companies to launch android based phone and explore this ever growing market.

You can find innumerable apps in Google play store which are available under different categories and it is really tough for a user to chose the best app. here are list of newly launched android apps which are quite famous among the android users. These apps can be easily downloaded from the playstore and all these apps are absolutely free.


Drupe is a useful app that gives you flexibility to manage all your contacts and and messaging apps in one p...

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