Steps to fix the Teamviewer Error when the Trial period has been perished

Have you experienced error that come out when you run Temaviewer on your system. No need to bother since here you will get detailed information to fix the error and to run this software as smoothly as you want.  

Initially, it is required to uninstall the Teamviewer and to delete it from the system.


1. Uninstall the Teamviewer from your computer. This can be done by Add/Remove Program which will see at:-
Start – > Control Panel -> Program 

2. Then Click on Uninstall a program.


3. Then Go to the Teamviewer in the all programs and uninstall it.

4. After un-installation process Go to Start Menu And then Run.

5. In the Run Program window Type %appdata% and Delete the Teamviewer Folder from it.1



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